Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Hairstyles 2013 Guide

Who says choosing the right hairstyles 2013 is difficult? Indeed, it doesn’t have to be that way if only you knew how to recognize the right styles. For instance, you have to consider your face shape. In this 2013, oval face shape will perfectly fit the long layers hairstyles while round face will be more beautiful with short pixie with highlights. If you want to try a bit more masculine hairstyle, try super short pixie hairstyle with few layers.

Meanwhile, you still have to pay attention to the health of your hair. Make sure you use the best hair treatment product to keep your hair shiny and smooth all day long. After all, it’s not that hard right to keep the beautiful hairstyles 2013.

Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Short Hairstyles 2013

Short hairstyles 2013 don’t always have to too simple. You can still give pretty nice details to make your appearance a bit funky, or at least attractive. You surely often see a really short haircut, right? Yes, this cut will definitely work. Look at Pink, for instance. Her look will give you more confidence that short haircut works great too for heart-shaped face. In fact, her cut is so lovely to be combined with nice highlights.

Short hairstyles 2013

Mostly, such short haircut looks best straight hair. If you don’t have this kind of hair, just ask hairstylist to temporarily straighten your hair. It’s cheap but it delivers great results. After all, short hairstyles 2013 should be as simple and beautiful it can be.

Selasa, 08 Januari 2013

Curly Short Hairstyles 2013

What if someone decided to have short hairstyles 2013? I can say this decision can be perfect as long as this cut is created with nice details. Be it classic bob haircut or wavy short haircut. Rihanna can give some beautiful cuts that inspire you. Look at how fresh she looks with classic bob and short bangs. Yes, you can have such fresh look as well.

Some advices may work for this cut. For example, try to make the hair a bit longer to give chances for nice curls that are perfect for special occasions such as nice dinner. What you need to have is curling machine only so you don’t have to go to beauty saloon just to get pretty curls added to your new short hairstyles 2013.

Rabu, 02 Januari 2013

Hairstyles 2013 Tips

image hairstyles 2013

Everything about hairstyles 2013 is always interesting especially when we look for something brand new for our appearance. You surely agree that something special has to be done this year and it is all about getting new haircut with better details. So, there has to be smart decision to take about which cut we will get. Perhaps, it's great thing to try new cut. Try cut your long hair and get edgy short haircut. For me, that sounds great!

image : short hairstyles 2013

If you are just in doubt getting an extreme different haircut, you can try getting new hair color. Imagine how great it will be when you come up with new color bringing the new look out of you. And, another thing you should not forget is giving some new details like bangs or curly ends. Just right after you got hairstylist created your new look, you will be surprised how the new hairstyles 2013 can change your life.